Indoor Air Solutions For Residential Buildings

Indoor Air Solutions For ResidentialResidential buildings suffer from all kinds of contaminants, especially NEW homes. That’s right! Most people think that only older homes have indoor air quality problems, but new homes have elevated particulate counts, volatile organic compounds, and chemical odors.

  1. When the house is under construction, it is filled with, essentially, outside air. Because it’s not tightened up yet, it is filled with mold spores, pollen, construction dust (sawdust), drywall dust, etc. Some researchers have reported that if the house is less than ten (10) years old, some of the original construction dust is still in the home. Most of that is not even addressed until the HVAC system is activated.
  2. All of those new finishes, carpeting, luxury plank floors, paints, Formica glues, etc. are off-gassing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and some of those building products will continue to off-gas for some time.
  3. What’s that new paint smell? It the chemicals that are off-gassing and they could continue to off-gas, even if you can’t detect it, for years. IAQ Monitoring is the best way to identify the problems in any residence, new or old, and, with a trained IAQ professional, understand how to fix the problem.

That’s the goal of the NORMIPro Monitoring program.